5 Pharmacies That Will Deliver Prescriptions

5 Pharmacies That Will Deliver Prescriptions

Taking time out of your busy schedule to stop by your local pharmacy may be eating into valuable time in other places. Oftentimes, it may seem like a necessary loss. But not all pharmacies are created equal.

Most people aren’t aware that more and more pharmacies are offering delivery services for prescription medication. By letting the pharmacy handle the business of getting your medication to you, you’ll be spending less time in line and more time caring for yourself and your loved ones.

So, if you’re temporarily sick, or even if you require seasonal or permanent medication, here are 5 companies that can deliver the products you need, right to your door:

  • Walmart

It is often surprising for many individuals to learn that the shopping giant Walmart actually offers a delivery service for pharmaceuticals. Walmart has built their reputation off of being the ubiquitous store for any and all needs of local consumers, and those needs include pharmaceuticals. While pickup is offered for those who enter Walmart’s doors, there are services offered online for deliveries as well.

Walmart’s website lists respectable prices for deliveries up to 90 day’s worth of medication and has a few alternative options available as well. For people that are looking for convenience when handling their healthcare, it may be of interest to check out your local Walmart.

Chances are, the company responsible for your groceries and home goods may be able to assist you with your healthcare needs. And as a bonus, it’s highly likely that there’s a store near you.

  • CVS

Perhaps the largest and most well-known pharmacy chain in the United States is CVS. CVS Pharmacy has well over 9,000 locations—so chances are in your favor of a location near you.

CVS is also well-known for their 2014 decision to top selling cigarettes in locations nationwide. The decision seemed to come in the interest of the public health, as many stores that sell pharmaceuticals—including Walmart—also sell cigarettes. The company has also gone on record as taking on a loss for their decision.

Aside from their stance on cigarettes, CVS is known for their convenience in locations, as well offering delivery services for prescription medication. From their website, standard shipping is free—although, if you’re looking for expedited shipping for your medicine, it’s going to cost you. It would also seem that same-day shipping is not offered.

  • Humana

Most people know Humana as little more than a medical insurance company—a service that they use to access health care programs like Medicaid or perhaps their dental insurance. However, aside from their primary business, many would be surprised to learn that Humana also offers many extraneous services through their pharmacy—including the delivery of medication and prescription goods.

Like other companies on this list, Humana’s website offers a few options for those seeking to utilize their health insurance provider for more than just health. Although, you don’t have to currently do business with Humana to take advantage of their pharmaceutical services.

Just like CVS, standard shipping is offered free, and expedited shipping at offered at a cost.

  • Uber for Prescriptions?

Uber is known for their independent contractors—offering their cars on-demand to customers that need transportation in and around major cities. Uber also offers UberEats—a similar service that focuses on delivering meals to homes and businesses.

Because of Uber, on-demand services like Lyft and others have begun to increase their market share—often to the ire of the taxi industry.

But the success of Uber has not gone unnoticed by the pharmaceutical industry. A recent article released by the New York Post explains how one pharmacy is starting to team up with an on-demand delivery service to offer prescription delivery throughout New York.

From the looks of the article, the company (ZipDrug) has teamed up with CityMD to place a kiosk in one of the company’s clinics. Prescriptions are then handed off to drivers, who deliver them for a $10 fee.

It’s clear that in places like New York City, there’s a demand for fast and convenient delivery for medication. However, few companies are willing to do so for free.

  • Medly

Medly Pharmacy isn’t like the other companies on our list. Medly receives prescriptions from your doctor and delivers them to your house on the same day—for free.

As stated on their website, Medly offers New Yorkers a customized and personal experience that the larger chains aren’t able to compete with. After Medly receives your medication, they’ll get in contact with you to determine the best time to deliver—so there’s no delivering while you’re in the shower or at work.

Medly delivers to all five boroughs (Staten Island, Queens, The Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn) so that anyone in New York City can utilize the service. Options are also offered for customers to customize their packaging, and consultations are also offered. Copay is also managed through the service’s phone application.

If you’re in New York City and looking for a comprehensive pharmacy that can provide for your medication needs at no delivery cost to you, Medly Pharmacy may be a strong suitor to consider.


Finding the right company to handle your healthcare can be a stressful task. With so many different services and types of products out there, finding a company that best suits your lifestyle and budget takes a whole lot of time and a great deal of patience.

Whether you’re looking for the convenience of chains like Walmart or CVS, alternative options such as ZipDrug or Humana, or even a forward-thinking comprehensive service like Medly Pharmacy, there are many options to choose from.

Taking the time to be exhaustive in your research and careful about who you do business with is important to making the right decision for your health. We hope that this list was able to offer a few options to consider when looking for the right company to deliver prescription medication to your door.

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