Autoimmune Disease And Causes – How CBD Oil Can Cure

Autoimmune Disease And Causes – How CBD Oil Can Cure


Immunity system protects our body from diseases and infections brought by various viruses, germs, bacteria and abnormal cells. As the body contracts an immune disorder it starts to destroy its own organs and tissues. The various parts of body like the digestive system, nervous system, blood vessels, red blood cells, connective tissues, skin and endocrine system all are affected. Usually autoimmune diseases usually affect us during the childhood. These diseases can be hereditary or due to environmental reasons. Autoimmune diseases and conditions vary from person to person. The conditions can be mild or strong affecting the function of the immunity system.


Autoimmune diseases affect the various organs and have different conditions the following are systematic autoimmune diseases:

1]Polymyalgia Rheumatic

2] Rheumatoid arthritis


4] Sjogren’s syndrome

5] Scleroderma

6] Goodpasture’s syndrome

7] Gullian- Barre syndrome

8] Wegener’s granulomatosis


The various causes of autoimmune diseases are:

1] Personal or family history- Major cause of autoimmune disease could be genetic or hereditary. If family members have this disease you are at a potential risk of suffering from this disease but the type of autoimmune disease could be different. This implies that same family members can have different types of autoimmune disease.

2] Hormonal status or gender– As per surveys it is mostly women who suffer from autoimmune diseases, and it is usually during the child bearing years that they contract this disease. It is due to high estrogen levels that stimulate immune system and thus this could attribute to the fact that men are less affected by this disease.

3] Exposure to toxic metal– Exposure to toxic metals like lead, arsenic, aluminum, cadmium, mercury, nickel and certain other heavy metals can lead to autoimmune diseases. These metals create anti- bodies thus leading to autoimmune diseases.

4] Bacterial and viral infections– Bacteria, viruses and mycoplasma can lead to autoimmune diseases.

5] Toxic chemical exposures– Various toxins like solvents, pesticides, industrials chemicals and also the simple daily use chemicals like the household cleaners or the hair dyes can also cause autoimmune diseases.

6] Trauma and stress- Stressful life and traumatic situation can lead to autoimmune diseases. Especially unmanaged stress can result serious diseases like cancer or heart diseases. Also loneliness can be a major cause of autoimmune diseases. Thus it is safe to say that happiness or laughter can increase the action of immune cells.

7] Nutritional diseases- Lack of proper healthy diet could be a leading factor to autoimmune diseases. Processed foods are full of chemicals, steroids, trans fats, sugar and all these lead to autoimmune disease.

8] Smoking- Smoking increases the risk of several autoimmune diseases due to the presence of chemicals in it.


Autoimmune diseases can be healed or the pain can be eased with the help of several home remedies. Of these home measures the most important and effective measure is the usage of CBD oil or Cannabidiol oil. This is one the controversial oil but once its benefits are understood and its impact on human body is clarified you tend to buy cbd vape oil.

CBD Vape oil can be heated and inhaled from a E- cigarette, Vape Pen or Vaporizer. CBD vape oil from Marijuana is used which has lead to all the controversy, but owing to benefits of getting from vape oil and the fact that CBD vape oil from all natural hemp plant  does not get you high or has any psychotropic effect.

CBD Vape oil has many benefits and can be effectively used to cure autoimmune diseases. Illness like cancer, arthritis, anxiety, joint pain, seizures, sleep apnea can all be treated by the help of CBD vape oil. Several countries have made it legal to buy the vape oil and use it for medicinal purposes. It has been proven that using CBD Vape oil in consistent doses with consistent absorption rate does not pose any side effects. Owing to the benefits this site presents CBD deals also there so that you can avail themat reasonable rates and yet get all the positive and desired results.

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