Balancing Of The Seven Energy Centers With Different Methods

Balancing Of The Seven Energy Centers With Different Methods

There are seven energy centers in the body of a human being. These centers are helpful to maintain our body to a great extent. If you want to Balance your chakras, then there are many methods that you can have come across. Chakra acupuncture unites the wisdom of ancient Indian medical knowledge, as well as, the Chinese acupuncture. According to the Indian traditional medicine, the chakras are 7 important energy centers. Chakra is a word that comes from the Sanskrit and it means the wheel of light. Both of these therapies are helpful to reach a diagnosis and the treatment.

To balance these chakras, aromatherapy and the essential oils are beneficial to add a third level to the method of healing.

Know about the seven centers

These seven major centers or chakras are generally the material personification of the spiritual. They are situated on the midline of the body. They are situated in line with the spine starting from the cranium to the groin area. Of course, in the body, there are more centers, but these seven are much more important. They include the root, solar plexus, and spleen, throat, heart, third eye, and crown chakras. Different chakras have different meanings and have different properties.

They are not linked to the flow of energy in the human body but with the meditation of the negative and positive energy from the surrounding environment. They affect the emotional, physical, and spiritual health. If there is an imbalance in the chakras, it may due to illness, stress, social issues, spiritual problems, poor nutrition, and many others.

Treat with the acupuncture

As compared to other methods, the imbalance can be treated with the help of the acupuncture as compared to traditional Chinese medicine. This treatment is concerned both with the flow of energy and energy locations along meridians or channels. Yin and yang are examples of the negative and positive forces of the energy. When the chakra circulatory system and acupuncture get combined, they focus on the restoration of the balance and also help to release the blockage of the energy. At the same time, it also helps to boost the energy in the body. Thepower of two systems is combined.

To treat the imbalance in the chakras location, the needles need to be inserted at the locations of the chakra in the treatment of the acupuncture. Through this treatment, they are believed to get the revitalizing process of the life forces. This way, they are also helpful to unblock the energy channels.

Combination of essential oils

At the same time, we can combine the power of the essential oils in the Aromatherapy to Balance your chakras. During this treatment, the oil can be inhaled, matched to a particular chakra, applied to the feet or hands, and much more. This way, there is a re-balancing of the chakras that will take place. The specific oil utilized may also be selected according to the principles of color therapy. Color should be chosen according to different chakras and their related energies because different oils possess different energizing effects. So, start with it now.

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