Drinking Lemon Water For Weight Loss

Lemon water started to get a lot of buzz after Hollywood celebrities like Dina Manzo (Real Housewives of New Jersey star) and Gwyneth Paltrow tagged this as a wonder drink. They are both convinced that it can aid weight loss. But some are questioning if this belief is too good to be true.

The Two Most Popular Bariatric Surgery Options

The word ‘bariatric’ stems from the Greek ‘baros’, which means ‘weight’, and ‘iatrikos’, which means ‘the art of healing’. It is one of the quickest growing types of surgery in the modern world and it shows no signs of stopping. It is a true reflection of how bad the obesity epidemic has become as well. Because this is also nothing new, scientists have been studying and improving bariatric procedures for nearly half a century. Some procedures that were used at first now aren’t used anymore (like the small bowel bypass or stomach stapling). Instead, two common procedures still remain, and more new ones are being added. Let’s take a look.

Stay Healthy And Happy With Premium Nutritional Supplements

In an age where people are told to stay healthy and look after themselves, it’s nice to know that there are unique companies out there that are committed to providing premium grade nutritional supplements. It’s a fact that as people work more overtime and seem to lead busier lives, their basic health needs often suffer. For example, how many times have you rushed out of the door to work without having eaten any breakfast? You tell yourself that it’s a good idea to eat breakfast, but you also chide yourself because you just never seem to have enough time to prepare it and feed yourself the nutrition that you really need to get through the busy days spent trying to make ends meet.