The Health Benefits Of Coconut Water

When temperatures start rising, you probably start looking for something to cool you down. That’s especially true if you’re out playing sports, exercising, or spending your time by the beach. Your body relies on a steady supply of water and nutrients to stay hydrated and to function effectively. Many people think of hydration as the amount of water in your body, but it’s actually possible to be dehydrated with an abundant amount of water in the body.

Is It Dangerous To Take Too Many Vitamins?

When it comes to vitamins, one doesn’t think that you can overdose on them or take too many. However, this is a false assumption. You can get really sick and even die from taking too many vitamins. Too much of anything is too much. You have to take things in moderation if you are going to see any benefit from it. By taking too much Vitamin C, you are going to be finding yourself over the toilet with diarrhea and stomach cramps. That is no fun at all.