Does EHIC Card Provides Routine Medical Checkup For People?

Does EHIC Card Provides Routine Medical Checkup For People?

European health insurance card has become the most sought after insurance card that help the people to seek out the medical services without much hassle or stress. They are now free from the worry of financial burden that at times these medical services tend to pose.

It is indeed a very good way of keeping your concerns at bay and making sure that you can avail medical aid conveniently.

For people who are looking answer to the question about the European health insurance card providing the routine medical checkup. Well the answer to this is “yes”, it covers all kinds of medical check-ups and that also at low cost or free of cost depending up on different countries’ medical systems.

European health insurance card covers various situations and those are:

1. Routine medical care and Necessary treatment: In case of any emergency like having fatal illness or accident and you require immediate medical help then European health insurance card can be used to have all these services.

It also gives advantage to have routine medical care such as provision of oxen, renal dialysis etc.

2. Cost-Effective medical aid: European health insurance card gives you all types of medical aid from state health-care sources without any charge or at very less cost.

3. Less travelling for medical emergencies: Having this magical card you can be treated without leaving the country where you are at present towards your native country for medical treatments. You can have equal medical services as a resident of that country where you are at this particular moment. You might have to put burden on your pocket to pay co-payment for treatment.

4. Long-illnesses: It helps for having medical attention for long term illnesses and medical problems that are essential.

5: Maternity care: All kind of services starting from routine maternity care to all the things that require in this condition. You have to provide reason for your visit to others country that your visit is not specially to give birth in that country.

It is true that these cards give the medical check-up facility on all the above cases but there are certain situations that European health insurance card does not cover. It cannot be used as the substituted for any private insurance especially when it pertains to the travel insurance. This card is exclusive to the public health care and services that are given by the state health care system. Many people are of the notion that this card can find their medical treatment in abroad. Well this is also not true.

It is very essential that you are well aware often various parameters on which you can access the health care services through this card. The more informative you are regarding this; more are the chances that you will be able to use this card efficaciously. It is therefore, high time that you start seeking the awareness pertaining to your EHIC card so that you have clearer view about your financial bottom-line of medical services and its accessibility to you.

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