Encouraging Kids To Get Fit

Encouraging Kids To Get Fit

The rate of childhood obesity has gone drastically high, so an active role needs to be played by caregivers and parents in protecting the health of their children. Their overall well-being cannot be maintained unless they eat healthy foods. However, there should also be regular physical activity to balance this.
There are plenty of reasons why children need to be physically active, and here is how you can encourage them to get up and moving.

Be a model of fitness

If you yourself lead an active lifestyle, it will become much easier for you to encourage your children to be active. Let them see how active and fit you are, whether you get a few morning stretches or following a structured fitness program. This will probably inspire them into get fit as well.

Choose fitness-related gifts

The next time you decide to give your children gifts, considering giving them something that is fitness-oriented and will encourage movement, such as a hula-hoop, jump-rope, mini-trampoline, etc.
Clean up

Chores do not have to be boring. You and your children can sing a silly song as you wipe counters and tables. As you fold and put away clothes, see how long all of you can hold a funny face. If you have older children, they can help wash the car, which can also turn into water play if the day is particularly hot.
Emphasize on fun

Exercise does not have to be called “exercise,” have your children simply consider it a physical activity. Find out if your children like particular activities and encourage them to indulge in those.

Encourage biking or walking whenever feasible: If you live near libraries, stores, or if you visit certain places regularly, then accomplishing this will not be difficult. If your area of residence happens to be a bit remote, then establish a safe route for your children can tour with you, whether on bike or on foot.
Get fit together

Join your children in dancing or shoot hoops with them. You can also play miniature golf, visit a zoo, or enjoy any other activity that encourages both you and your children to cover a lot of ground on foot.
Go to the playground: Instead of taking them to the mall, encourage your children to get fit by taking them to the playground. Playing in a local park or playground can be particularly enjoyable if the weather is nice. Fresh air will really prove to be beneficial for their young bodies.

Limit computer and TV time

No more than two hours of everyday media exposure is recommended for children who are above the age of two years. Whether they are clicking or watching, make sure they take breaks to move around.
Plan play dates

“Play” is important thing when it comes to play dates. When children get together, it provides them more opportunity to be physically active, whether they play tag, kick a ball around or race down the block
If you are particularly conscious about the health of your children and they happen to be under the age of 16 years, then you can also include them in your EHIC application so they may receive their own EHIC card.

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