Essential Oils Remedies To Promote Natural Health

Essential Oils Remedies To Promote Natural Health

Essential oils are used for a variety of purposes such as aromatherapy massages, beauty treatment and food preparation. These oils are generated from the extracts of flowers, herbs, trees and other plant materials and so are referred to as “extracts”. People opt to use natural remedies by using these oils to attain healing effects through the aromas of essential oils. Moreover, these oils have antiseptic properties to heal the chances of infection whenever applied to the skin. These oils are becoming popular as they act as a natural healer due to their antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Have a look on some essential oils, their primary benefits and the way of using them:

Lavender oil and peppermint oil

Both of these oils provide natural remedies to provide migraine headache relief. Moreover, the combination makes a very calming aroma can provide a good night’s sleep and may reduce the feelings of stress.

How to use:

You can try combining a couple of drops of both lavender oil and peppermint oil and then apply them to the skull region of your head to have a soothing experience and reduction of migraine pain.

Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is known for its ability to create an aroma of calmness and wellness. Many people use this oil as a natural home cleaner. Besides, it has the power to fight with lungs infection and severe coughs by providing a logical solution.

How to use:

You can add a few drops of eucalyptus oil into steaming hot water and then inhale the aroma of air it creates to clear nasal ingestion and get rid of a cough and cold. You can massage the skin with this oil to rejuvenate the skin during winters and protect it from dryness and rough tone.

Helichrysum and Cypress Essential Oil

Helichrysum oil is known for its skin restorative natural properties that can be used in different skin products such as anti-ageing and moisturising goods. You can use this oil for glowing youthful complexion of the skin. On the other hand, cypress essential oil promotes blood flow and boost energy at the times of stress.

How to use:

You can try combining a couple of drops of both Helichrysum and Cypress essential oil to support healing of broken bones. Moreover, you can add 2-4 drops of some liquid to promote a healthy metabolism in the body naturally.

Peppermint and Cinnamon essential oil

Peppermint has a pleasant aroma combined with antiseptic properties.  On the other hand, cinnamon essential oil is known for providing natural remedies to support healthy immune system and blood sugar level. Cinnamon oil is known as natural blood cleanser as it has various medicinal properties to heal urinary tract infections or kidney problems.

How to use:

Add 3-4 drops of both the oils to the diffuser and inhale to balance blood sugar levels and reduction of appetite as well.

Lemongrass and Wintergreen essential oil

Wintergreen essential oil is cherished for its abundant and versatile muscle benefits of fingers. It is known to provide relief to the joint pain of palms and foster movement of fingers during arthritis. On the other hand, Lemongrass acts as a tonic to various systems and is used in several skin products for toning.

How to use:

Dilute wintergreen oil with some drops of Lemongrass and cypress oil to make an unscented lotion. Massage the fingers with the mixture to experience relief from the pain. Moreover, you can diffuse a couple of drops to create a relaxing massage.

Hence, it is clear that essential oils provide remedies for natural medicines, skin and beauty, spa and relaxation, cleansing of home and much more.

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