Everything You Need To While Getting Skin Tag Removal Treatment

Everything You Need To While Getting Skin Tag Removal Treatment

Are you worried about small pouch-like thing hanging on the skin? Then, you must know that it is termed as skin tags which are medically known as acrochordon. Wondering, what is it and how is it caused? Just explore this piece of writing and you’d get introduced to the ins and outs of the term.

What is Skin Tag?

A small growth of tissue is a skin tag. It is connected to the skin by a stalk called a peduncle which is small and thin. It looks like a pouch hanging from the skin. Usually, this growth is brownish or flesh-like in colour.

Skin tags are non-cancerous and do no harm to the health of a person, but if it is found in some unusual areas, it has to be removed. Most commonly, it is caused on the skin folds where it gets rub against each other such as armpits, groins, eyelids, neck, etc. These type of skin folds are critical areas that can lead to irritation which eventually demands an efficient skin tag removal treatment.

While talking about getting rid of it, there are many DIY methods which you can do at your home, but it involves greater risk of bleeding or scarring. Due to this reason, it is highly recommended to see a doctor for the same. You can visit the best skin clinic in London which can get you the correct treatment safely.

What Causes Skin Tag?

Researchers are in the process to discover it, but exact causes are unclear. It is believed that skin tags are formed due to the friction created in the skin folds. Usually, it is made up of collagen and blood vessels. However, it is not at all contagious and it can have genetic connections.

Moreover, a skin tag is a common side effect of pregnancy which can be because of hormonal change or weight gain. Apart from pregnant ladies, people who have HPV (Human Papillomavirus), overweight, genetic or patients with type 2 diabetes have more risks to get skin tags.

Skin Tag Removal Treatments Performed by Doctors 


This medical term used for the skin tag removal treatment involves using nitrogen to freeze the affected area. The proportion of the liquid nitrogen used would be dependent upon the size of the skin tag. It is followed by the use of tweezers along with a mild pressure. It will include little pain and stinging sensation.

Though the freezing method is considered to be effective, skin tag will not fall off immediately. Instead, it will take a week or two.


Under this method, an electric current is passed on the affected area to burn the skin tag. It will result in falling off entirely, but it might leave scars which would get lighter shade eventually.


It is the procedure of blocking the blood circulation in the affected area. Dermatologists use to tie a skin tag by cutting down the flow of blood, which eventually falls off within 7 to 10 days effectively.


If the skin tag is larger, dermatologist prefers this treatment that involves the use of scalpel for cutting it. Firstly, the doctor numbs the affected area then slice it with a tool.

Takeaway Message

Now that you’re cognizant of the entire scenario, the ball is in your court whether to opt for home remedies or doctor’s treatment. Any of the cases, just see to it that you’re getting it done correctly. To remove a skin tag effectively, you need to resist yourself from popping or rubbing it.

Apart from considering tips for removing, you can consume healthy food and keep your skin clean. By this means you can keep off skin tags.

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