Four Ways to Improve Your Smile

Four Ways to Improve Your Smile

A good smile helps to create an instant first impression, it can show that you are confident and can help to break the ice when meeting someone for the first time. However, many people are afraid to smile naturally because they don’t like their teeth or the way they look. It’s possible though to change your smile through some common dental procedures.


Both veneers and crowns are designed to improve the appearance of your teeth by covering them with a custom-made shell or cap. First, an impression of the damaged or unsightly tooth will be made and then sent to a laboratory for the covering to be designed to fit perfectly over to the top. This can also be coloured to match the rest of your teeth to ensure it doesn’t look out of place. Veneers are usually the option for those who want to improve the general appearance, while crowns usually help those with a really damaged tooth, and whilst both are temporary and will eventually need to be refitted, modern-day veneers and crowns last for a long time if they are looked after properly.

Implants/Fixed Dentures

For those who have teeth which are really damaged, or for those who have teeth which they hate so much that it is really having a negative effect on their confidence, the best solution may be to remove all of their natural teeth altogether and rebuild their mouth from scratch. Dental implants, or fixed dentures (such as the ones offered at allon4 dentist are a great way of helping to restore your confidence in a far more secure and natural way than removable dentures can, as they are secured straight into the gums so they actually feel like your own set of teeth. This can improve the way you eat food, smile and deal with people, and it also avoids any embarrassing moments you can get with removable dentures when they fall out at the most awkward of times!


No longer just for kids, braces are now worn by many adults as you can find them that blend in well with your teeth, unlike the older-style metal braces that used to be used. Those with crowded teeth or poor bites can benefit from braces which can change your appearance in as little as six months. After they are bonded to your teeth using brackets and wires, light pressure helps to move the teeth into the desired place as suggested by the dentist. Once removed, retainers are fitted (these can be removable or fixed to the back of the teeth) to help hold the teeth in place and prevent them moving back into their original positions.

Teeth Whitening

Many things can cause discolouration of the teeth – smoking, many types of food and sugary drinks can lead to staining which can’t be cleaned off, even with a long hygienist’s appointment! To improve their appearance, many people opt to have their teeth whitened by a professional dentist, though it’s also possible to do this from home using a kit. Whiter teeth can help you to look younger, have a healthier mouth and to smile more naturally.

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