Gluten Free Diets For Coeliac Sufferers

Gluten Free Diets For Coeliac Sufferers

We all hear the term, “gluten free”, yet many people are still unaware of the condition that causes a person to avoid gluten. Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disorder that affects the small intestine, and classic symptoms include chronic diarrhoea and malabsorption. The condition is passed genetically and there is no known cure, and if a person is diagnosed with this condition, the best approach is to strictly follow a gluten-free diet.

What is Gluten?

Gluten are proteins found in wheat, barley and rye, and if the person suffers from coeliac disease, their autoimmune system will not respond as normal, and can lead to the production of antibodies that affect certain organs.


This is typically done with a blood antibody test and perhaps an intestinal biopsy, and it can be difficult to diagnose, as the antibodies are often negative. Once a person has been diagnosed with coeliac disease, they must begin a gluten-free diet and this will be ongoing.

Online Solutions

More and more people have been diagnosed with coeliac disease, which has not only led to an awareness of the condition, gluten free products are now readily available. Having to avoid gluten doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to freshly baked bread or oats, as gluten free products give you the same taste, only they do not contain gluten. There is a large gluten free online community, and if a person is diagnosed with this condition, it really helps to talk to other sufferers, and after a while, the person begins to realise that it will not affect their life, providing they avoid gluten.

Diet Planning

The first thing to do is create a diet plan, and there are many websites with helpful advice, and of course, there are online stores that sell gluten-free products, which enables you to lead a normal life. One has to be careful when eating outside, and after a while, you will automatically check everything on the menu, and many restaurants have gluten-free items, which helps.

Ordering in Advance

One thing about a gluten free diet is you need to purchase in advance, and a single online shopping experience would cover you for a week or more. Prior to placing an order, browse the site, as they would also have informative articles on the topic, and with a comprehensive FAQ page, you will soon learn more about what to avoid.

A New Routine

Like it or not, a coeliac sufferer has to rearrange certain areas of their life. Once you have learned about the disease, then you plan a gluten-free diet and after a while, it becomes second nature. Joining the online gluten-free community is highly recommended, as you will talk to other people who are already on a gluten-free diet.

Online solutions allow a coeliac sufferer to still enjoy the foods they like, as gluten-free products are easy to source, and by learning more about the disease, it is easier to live without gluten.

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