Healthmint: Providing Health Care Like No Other

Healthmint: Providing Health Care Like No Other

Medical clinics provide health care for the whole family with assured access and affordability. The medical services offered by these medical clinics tend to be typical. The doctor – patient relationship has continued to exist sticking to the traditional nature of the relationship.

Is there a way to deviate from this typical medical centre set up? Well, a medical centre based in Cranbourne has made a great leap from the traditional. HealthMint offers something fresh for its customers.

Getting to Know HealthMint

HealthMint is a medical centre driven by the philosophy that there is nothing to healthcare than the best. It gives a fresh take on healthcare.The centre offers services in areas such as child and maternal health, immunisation, weight management, and chronic disease management.A patient oriented – entity, the centre provides a comfortable and inviting environment for clients. Its team of doctors go beyond what other family doctors traditionally do. They are committed in achieving the institutional goal of the company. They provide care based on the needs of their patients while giving them comfort.

Technology and Accessibility

Obviously, the soothing ambiance provided by the centre is one of the things that makes it different from other medical clinics. HealthMint makes use of technology to offer maximum efficiency resulting to improved services. Improved services refer to key areas of access, technology, efficiency, environment, preventative medicine, and attentive care. The clinic has a website and an app which customers can use to book day or night. Clients won’t find a receptionist to create a more personal interaction between the customer and staff. The centre is also equipped with a variety of technology. It offers tablets for check in. The staff work using mobile devices to attend to customer’s needs all through their stay within the centre’s vicinity.

Efficiency and Comfort

The clinic has worked to improve systems and processes to deliver efficiency and quality to clients. That is why, as mentioned earlier, the company resorts to the use of technology. The clinic was also designed so that it makes clients comfortable in their visit to the clinic. From waiting to actually availing of the services, the clinic makes clients feel welcomed and comfortable. There is also an area where children can play or relax.

Focus on Preventative Medicine

It is a general perception that when a client visits a medical clinic or centre, he or she has a health issue or concern that needs to be addressed. However, HealthMint introduces preventative medicine as one of the services offered to the clients. The clinic may create health guides to clients to prevent or address certain health concerns. Aside from this, it will also provide specific nutritional and lifestyle choices to clients.

Health concerns among families have to be addressed. But of course, it always leaves a great sense of satisfaction when medical clinics work to improve the quality of their services while assuring their affordability. A good ambiance also enhances the experiences of every client and the client’s family, which redefines what medical clinics or centres should be these days.

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