Hearing Devices Used To Aid People With Hearing Loss

Hearing Devices Used To Aid People With Hearing Loss

As people age, they can begin to lose their hearing and require some type of device to help them amplify sounds. However, age-related hearing loss isn’t the only reason people may need hearing aids, as listening to very loud music or dealing with noise pollution on the job can also cause hearing loss. Here are six devices which can help people improve their hearing.

Sound Amplifiers

One of the most basic types of hearing devices are sound amplifiers. You may see these advertised in magazines or on television as having a pair of headphones which you can use to increase the volume of electronic devices such as televisions. It allows those with minor hearing loss to hear the television or radio better without turning it up and making it too loud for other people in the household.

Hearing Aids

There are several types of hearing aids which fit into the ear canal or behind the ear to amplify or clarify sounds. There are several styles because some are used by people with minimal hearing loss or who have trouble hearing certain sound pitches, while others are for people who have more profound hearing loss, so they are designed to help soundwaves carry into the ear canal so they can be heard.

Behind-the-Ear Devices

Behind-the-ear hearing aids, or BTEs, sit at the top of the outer ear and are attached by a small tube to an ear mould. The mould fits in the bowl of the ear and helps send sound waves into the ear canal. BTEs are discreet and easy for users to maintain and clean.

Open-fit BTEs

Not everyone can wear ear moulds, so this type of hearing device is made for them. The device sits on the back of the ear and has a plastic tube attached which goes into the ear canal. These are usually for people with good hearing, but who may have trouble hearing low-pitched sounds.

High-powered BTEs

For people suffering from major hearing loss, this type of behind-the-ear device is larger than most BTE models and can sometimes be seen, as it is a larger hearing aid. The volume on such hearing aids can be adjusted as needed, so wearers can hear better when the sounds are softer or are loud enough to be heard at a lower volume.  

In-the-Canal Devices

In-the-canal, or ITC hearing aids sit in the bowl of the ear and are shaped so that part of the hearing aid extends into the ear canal to help direct sound into the ear. They are not suitable for everyone with hearing loss and they can be more difficult to maintain as they can get ear wax inside them. There are several other styles of hearing aids in the ear canal in London.

If you are having problems hearing or have noticed some hearing loss, consult your GP. They may refer you to an audiologist to test your hearing and help determine the cause of your hearing loss.

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