Knowing About The Important Steps Related To Breast Biopsy Procedure

Knowing About The Important Steps Related To Breast Biopsy Procedure

Breast biopsy is a critical medical procedure in which breast tissue is collected and tested for cancers or other diseases. This procedure is done when any abnormalities are seen in the breast or when a woman experiences discomfort or other medical problems. This is a scientific procedure which is basically done to examine any abnormalities or suspicious growth in the mammary glands of the body.

Breast Biopsy Procedure:

The breast biopsy procedure usually includes the removal of small amount of breast tissue for testing whether the tissues are cancerous or non-cancerous. In case the tests are positive and a tumor is found, doctors inspect the region. In case the doctor finds that the tumor is benign, it will not spread more and is easily treatable. However, if it is a malignant tumor, it starts to spread to other parts of the body and doctors may need to further investigate to confirm the condition.

As the medical science and technology have improved nowadays, the process of breast cancer screening has become easier and safer. In the past, biopsy was a very painful and surgically invasive process in which there was risk of scarring. However, the traditional biopsy methods are being replaced by the modern non-invasive methods.

Nowadays, doctors use especial instruments that are solely dedicated to breast biopsy procedure. Uses of these types of instruments provide a benefit of comfort, accuracy, and cost effectiveness. The device uses a screen for preliminary breast cancer screening as well as to track many other breast cancer treatments.

Types of Breast Biopsy:

There are two types of breast biopsy procedures – minimally invasive or open surgical. Also doctors often suggest for Excisional or Incisional biopsy. During an Excisional biopsy the entire suspected area is separated from the body. However, in an incisional biopsy only a part of sample tissue is removed from the breast and tested in the laboratory. In both of these biopsy procedures, the basic network and arrangement of tissues remains the unchanged. The main equipment used for biopsy is a medical needle which is basically pierced into the skin of the breast and removes a part of the abnormal tissue, tumor, lump or liquid.

Doctors may recommend breast biopsy in certain conditions such as lumps in the breast, skin near the breast becoming coarse, pain in the chest, swelling in the breast area etc. Apart from these issues, breast tissues may be checked in order to determine the presence or absence of cancerous cells. In most cases, the reason for a breast biopsy is to eliminate the growth of cancerous tumors as soon as they are discovered in the breasts. However, there is nothing to worry as an early detection of cancerous cells helps the patient to explore various effective treatment options.

The recovery time for the woman who has undergone a breast biopsy procedure is very short. The patient can return to his/her daily routine and other activities within a couple of days. However, if the test results are positive and doctors find cancer in the breast, the patient may need to go through proper treatment and medication.

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