Loss Of Hair – How Can It Affect Your Looks And Its Treatment With Hair Transplant

Loss Of Hair – How Can It Affect Your Looks And Its Treatment With Hair Transplant

Loss of Hair – Causes and effects

Loss of hair can be really alarming for some people. Excessive loss of hair can lead towards baldness and this is what affects your personality! As a matter of fact, loss of excessive hair in case of a film star or an actor for that matter of fact can really be alarming. This problem as understood by hair care experts can only be solved through hair transplantation as such.

Loss of hair can be triggered through various reasons, which might include the following:

  • Presence of chronic diseases
  • Wrong and unhealthy diet
  • Genetic complications
  • Use of chemicals which might trigger loss of hair
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Pollution of environment

However, due to excessive loss of hair, permanent baldness can be experienced by some. Hair transplantation has emerged to be a most convenient technological intervention that can be implemented in order to control hair fall in humans.

India is gradually emerging as a hub for hair transplantation:

As per the opinions of experts and information collected from different sources, it has been observed that, India is gradually emerging as a suitable hub for hair transplantation. There are many cities which have come up in the recent past, serving a large chunk of population in relation to hair transplant. For instance, hair transplant in Bangalore have come up as a very popular service for patients. Not only Bangalore, there are other cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata which have come up in the recent past as popular hubs for hair transplantation.

Major reasons for growth of such cities in India are:

  1. Suitable and well-designed infrastructure
  2. Presence of well managed hair transplant clinics
  3. Availability of qualified hair transplant surgeons
  4. Cost-competitive services
  5. Improvement in technology

Thus, India has been transformed as one of the most popular hubs for hair transplantation not only for the residing population, but also for the international patients.

How is hair transplantation done in India?

Hair transplantation is basically the technique of shifting healthy hair grafts from one portion of the human body to the other. Healthy hair grafts are extracted, from the donor area (this is the area of the body where healthy hair growth is there) to the recipient area     (this is the bald area). However, hair transplantation is understood to give several advantages to the patient, which is described to be as follows:

  1. It gives a natural hair growth and hence restores the original look in your personality
  2. Helps in regaining self-confidence through control of hair loss.

Advantages of hair transplantation in Bangalore:

Bangalore as an improved city had come up in the recent past. It hosts a lot of facilities and had become one of the hubs of the Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery. Hair transplantation in Bangalore is known for competitive costs, in alliance with improved equipment and techniques. This has made the city a popular hub for patients looking for hair transplantation facilities.

What are the decisive factors that can be related to hair transplantation process in Bangalore?

As per observations made from hair transplant experts, there are several factors which can enable you to make a decision in favour for hair transplantation surgery at Bangalore.

These are:

  1. Limited cost of graft based hair transplantation approach
  2. Improved intervention of technology
  3. Well recognized and reputed brands of clinic spread across the city
  4. State of the art infrastructure
  5. Scientifically proven technology to produce positive results
  6. Wide availability of reputed surgeons
  7. Connectivity of the city with the rest part of India

Therefore, it is clear that, Bangalore has gradually evolved as a hot hub for hair transplantation. Outcomes of such surgeries based out at Bangalore, have in majority created a desired density and expected volume which had made the hub even more popular for patients looking for hair transplantation and allied services.


Just to summarise, hair transplantation has grown to be a popular service in various cities of India, and Bangalore tops the list. Bangalore offers competitive services through experienced trichologists who provide turnkey solutions on problems related to loss of hair. Offering a state of the art infrastructure, the city happens to attract a large number of medical tourists every year.

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