No Efforts From The Australian Government On The Promotion Of Child Dental Benefits Scheme

No Efforts From The Australian Government On The Promotion Of Child Dental Benefits Scheme

It has been found through reports that there are a large number of children who are missing out on $1000 of Medicare funded dental care. This is due to the fact that the government has completely rejected to advertise the new Child Rebates of Medicare and has tried to exclude them. This has taken place despite the fact that 7 out of 10 children under 9 years of age suffer from dental decay. It is also to be noted that around 30,000 kids are hospitalized for proper dental treatment every year under general anesthesia. However, there are initiatives being taken by Australian Dentists Clinics and other organizations in the sphere of informing parents and families about this fact.

Why is the Australian Government not Promoting Child Dental Benefits Scheme?

Different organizations clinics, hospitals and entities are of the view that all the families should have a clear understanding of the Child Dental Benefits Scheme. There are initiatives being taken up involving writing to the families of more than 3 million children qualifying directly for receiving the notification. The letters sent to the families will not only inform them of the dental benefits that their child can obtain and the increase in Child Dental Benefits but also about the entire procedure. Child Dental Benefits Scheme in Australia offers $1000 worth of Medicare-financed dental care every two years for the children who are eligible for Family Tax Benefit A. This scheme is one of the best kept secrets of Australia. The Government in Australia tried shutting down this scheme for saving money but all its efforts turned out to be useless. Post this; the Australian Government also tried cutting money that was available nearly $700. However, the Government, once again, was not able to taste success and has completely failed to make the parents aware of this new entitlement that started in the year 2014.

Initiatives Taken Up by Different Organizations

Due to the fact that the Government has not made parents aware of the Medicare-funded Dental Care Benefit Scheme for kids in Australia, only 1/3rd of the 2.9 million kids eligible for the rebates have actually used the rebates. In the meantime, dental decay in children throughout the nation is worsening. There were several enquiries called for in this direction lashing the Health Department for its incompetency and inability in promoting the Dental benefits Scheme in the proper manner. This scheme started in the year 2014 but since its inception, there has not been a single radio or television advertising program for promoting it. As a result, the Australian Dentists Clinics have taken up the initiative of informing parents about this scheme that can be quite beneficial for the parents and most importantly for the children who suffer from dental decay. On the other hand, the website of the Health department has been continuously providing wrong information to parents. The website states that this scheme is due to end very soon despite the fact that the Parliament has refused the plans of wrapping up this scheme.

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