Planning For Pregnancy: What You Need To Know

Planning For Pregnancy: What You Need To Know

Whether you’ve always dreamed of having your own family or have recently decided that the time is right to welcome a new person into the world, it’s hard to wait when you’re desperate to be a parent. Planning for pregnancy won’t make your bundle of joy arrive any faster, but it will give you time to gain the strength and resources you’ll need for the journey ahead.

A successful strategy can help to ensure that you not only have the necessary health and nutritional levels to give birth to a happy and healthy child, it can also mean that you don’t lose your mind during your nine months of pregnancy. So, what’s the best way that you can plan for this life-changing experience?

Take folic acid

Taking vitamin supplements can be an incredible way to boost your chances of a successful pregnancy. Not only do supplements help to balance your body so that you’re ready to provide the perfect conditions for a child, but it can also protect your baby too. For instance, the Folic acid helps to ensure the healthy development of your baby’s brain.

Stay calm

It’s incredibly difficult not to obsess every time you get your period and discover that, once again, you’re not pregnant. While 90% of couples will conceive within a single year, that doesn’t mean something must be wrong if you take that little bit longer. Don’t let it agitate or frighten you. Ultimately, there are some things that you can’t control in your life, and this is likely to be one of them.

Address the weight issue

If you’ve put off losing that extra weight up until now, then the desire to be a parent should be the motivation you need to make a positive change as obesity impacts pregnancy at every stage. Obesity can cause hormonal imbalances that influence the menstrual cycle, making it more difficult to conceive. It can also lead to complications during pregnancy which may harm the health and well-being of your little one. You might be surprised to learn that bariatric surgery can increase your chances of getting pregnant. In fact, many patients discover that they’re far more fertile after they’ve lost a couple of extra pounds. This is because when your body is healthier, your reproductive system is healthier too.

Have plenty of sex

The best part about trying for a baby is that you have countless opportunities to be intimate with your partner. Enjoy sex with the person you love and schedule plenty of time in the sack when you’re ovulating. You can measure your ovulation levels using special sticks that can be purchased from chemists.

Stay active!

Finally, remember that keeping fit before pregnancy is a great way to improve your chances of a more comfortable and successful birth. You might not need to put an extra edge into your fitness regimen, but you do need to devote enough time to regular physical activity. Speak to your doctor or a specialist about what exercise might be the best for you.

Good luck!

The decision to have a child is simultaneously the most exciting and anxious experience in a lifetime. The good news is that these tips should help make your journey towards pregnancy as successful as possible, so you can enjoy every moment as you look forward to the arrival of your beautiful new baby.

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