Putting The Green Back Into State Budgets:  Some States Have Already Figured Out Why Legal Marijuana Can Be Useful

Putting The Green Back Into State Budgets: Some States Have Already Figured Out Why Legal Marijuana Can Be Useful

Things are quickly moving forward when it comes to legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. In 2012, Colorado and Washington legalized it for recreational purposes, while Alaska and Oregon quickly followed suit. Every new year, additional states are either legalizing it or gradually moving in that direction.

As you can imagine, this is not without a solid reason, as it’s based on the newest scientific research. So what health-related benefits are associated with medical marijuana?

It reverses the carcinogenic effects of tobacco and improves lung health

A study from 2012 (published in the Journal of the American Medical Association) indicates that not only does marijuana not impair the lung function, it can even increase it. The people who were smoking tobacco for 20 years showed a decrease in the lung function, while marijuana users actually showed an increase. This could be due to them taking deep breaths while inhaling it.

It stops cancer from spreading

Cannabidiol switches off a certain gene called the Id-1, the one that helps the cancer spread throughout the body. Cancer cells make more copies of it than healthy cells, and this effectively makes the cancer less aggressive. Certain studies even suggest that medical marijuana may even kill the cancer cells completely.

It slows down Alzheimer’s

A study from 2006 shows that by blocking the enzyme of the brain that produces amyloid plaques, the progression of Altheimer’s disease is slowed down by THC, marijuana’s active ingredient. 

It helps veterans suffering from PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (or PTSD for short) is a mental disorder often associated with war veterans. Fear and anxiety are frequently associated with it, and marijuana has shown to relieve some of these symptoms. In fact, in New Mexico, PTSD is the prevalent reason why people get a license for medical marijuana. 

It treats Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an eye disease that damages the optic nerve and causes a loss of vision. According to the National Eye Institute, marijuana decreases the pressure in the eye, slowing down the disease and preventing blindness. 

It helps you manage epileptic seizures

A study from 2003 showed that marijuana can, in fact, prevent the onset of epileptic seizures. This is because THC, an active ingredient in marijuana, binds itself to the brain cells that control excitability, providing a relief to the patients who experience them. 

It may alleviate anxiety

In low doses, marijuana is known to make you feel relaxed while relieving stress. However, large doses are not recommended, since they can actually increase anxiety as well as make you paranoid. 

What is the best place to order it from?

Thanks to how far the internet has come since the days of its inception, ordering medical marijuana online is a breeze from sites like MaryMart.com 


Medical marijuana has several health-related benefits, and the ones we’ve listed are only the tip of the iceberg. As time goes on, we can expect additional states move towards legalizing it, so the future definitely looks bright.

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