Real Health Benefits Of Dry Brushing

Real Health Benefits Of Dry Brushing

The proponents of dry brushing claim that it possesses magical powers ranging from lymphatic support, skin exfoliation, cellulite help, glowing skin, to natural energy boost and so on. But all these benefits are anecdotal, and nothing is backed by any scientific research. Unfortunately, the chances of any scientific studies carried about a brush – that costs around $20 and is harmless, at worst ineffectual – are very slim

That means, to find out the real advantages, the only way is to try it. Just like any other aspect of life, the results of dry brushing can be different for different people. Therefore, do your research, try various options, and then gauge the results. No matter what the results are, two things are for sure: first, it feels damn good, second, it makes your skin look glowing and impressive.

What is dry brushing?

It is exactly what it sounds like – using a dry brush in a specific pattern on the skin, usually right before you take a shower. The method is incredibly easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. All you need is a dry brush. While any brush decent brush will get the job done, doing some research to find the best body brush  will ensure you reap the maximum benefits.

How to do it – the right way?

The process is straightforward, that’s why you will never see a user guide with a dry brush. However, doing it in a certain way will ensure the better outcome.
– Give the skin a thorough rub with a bristled dry brush, starting with your feet in circular motion, making your way up to your heart. The aim is to push lymphatic fluids towards the heart.
– Brush your back, starting from your neck down to the lower back.
– Don’t brush any area that has bruises, sores, inflammation, burns or sunburn, cuts, skin cancer, or any other skin condition.
– Avoid back and forth scrubbing
– Be gentle when brushing sensitive areas, like around the breasts.
– Use a moisturizer after shower

The benefits of dry brushing

The most prominent advantage of brushing your skin is lymphatic support – which is a part of your immune system, located right under the skin in the form of vessels. Regular stimulation of these vessels is supposed to improve and speed up detoxification.

Another benefit that can be seen the minute you finish brushing is exfoliation. A bristled brush will remove any dead skin cells – making it the most convenient and quick way of exfoliation. Moreover, brushing can clean up any dirt from pores that might not go away by taking a shower, and eventually may result in smaller pores.

What makes a good dry brush?

A natural brush with stiff but not too hard bristles is the ideal choice. Try to look for a brush that is vegetable derived and not synthetic – although it might cost you a few extra bucks, but is worth it. You may consider more than one brush, one without and one with handle for hard-to-reach spots or one with stiff bristles and one comparatively softer for sensitive areas such as the face, neck, breasts, etc.


Skin is the biggest organ in our body, and it’s naturally equipped with all the necessary tools of healing and detox, including the most intricate circulatory system. That means the skin has what it needs to whisk all the toxins towards the liver to excrete them without any help. But regular dry brushing can speed up this process to give you a little unfair advantage to look better than others.

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