Sclerotherapy, The Best Treatment For Varicose Veins

Sclerotherapy, The Best Treatment For Varicose Veins

Large numbers of persons in this world suffer from disordered veins that need to be set aright with apt treatments. Many types of medicines are available for such problems. Varicose Vein Treatments offered by prominent health clinics including veincentre provide sufficient relief and overall good health. Though many varicose vein conditions seem to be aesthetic yet they should be treated well to avoid complications. Viable solutions of such problems are a must. Varicose Veins can be managed with Sclerotherapy, Venefit, Endovenous Ablation or Vein Stripping etc.

Sclerotherapy involves a straightforward noninvasive step by step procedure for minor varicose veins. Smaller or medium sized varicose and spider veins can be treated well with this wonderful therapy. The patients are made to have an injection with solution that is injected into the varicose veins. It helps the veins to get reabsorbed by the physique. Those suffering from this ailment are advised to approach veincentre that performs this procedure just within half or one hour. The patients are advised to wear compression stockings for some time after this operation.  It helps in reabsorbing the spider veins. The patients may start walking immediately after undergoing this procedure.

The physician obtains a complete medical history of the patient and performs medical examination for thorough check up. Another procedure prior to Sclerotherapy may be necessitated in certain cases.

Sclerotherapy helps in eliminating or reducing unsightly veins. Daily activities are not interrupted in any manner with this procedure that is safe, in-office treatment and painless too. Symptoms of the problem are got rid of with this procedure that gives immediate visible results.

Patients undergoing Sclerotherapy get instant relief from the moderate burning sensations after the injection. Post-injection bleeding is prevented with pressure bandage or compression stockings while the skin is soothed by applying an ointment. The sufferers can resume their work immediately after the procedure but hard work must be avoided for at least twenty four hours. Blood flow through the remaining healthy veins gets improved by walking immediately after this procedure. Blood towards the heart also starts flowing in even manners through these healthy veins with walking activities. Patients should not elevate their legs if large varicose veins have not been treated. Slight blistering or bruising caused due to Sclerotherapy goes away with time and with bleaching agents etc. Clots at the injection site if any may be removed within two weeks for the healing progress to progress in usual manners. Matte telangiectasias, i.e. tiny pink vessels turning white with pressure in some patients due to this procedure usually disappear within short period. Injection treatment may become necessary in certain cases for removing them.  Antihistamines or other medicines are recommended to treat the reaction in certain patients that are prone to allergic-reactions because of injection solution.  Recurrence of large varicose veins can be prevented by wearing compression stockings.

Veincentre, with its various branches is one of the best health clinics. It helps to get rid of the varicose veins and their ill effects. No side effects are reported by any person undergoing treatment at this center that cares well for well being of the sufferers.

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