How To Stay Ahead In The Fashion Stakes

How To Stay Ahead In The Fashion Stakes

The modern business woman has to always look her best, and this is a challenge for most, who have a limited budget and even less time to spend on hair and make-up. Looking good is just part of the objective, as you also want to chop and change your styles around, and to do that, you will need some professional help. Hair salons of today offer a wide range of services, and for the busy career woman, they would have special make-up and hair services, which can be booked online using your smartphone.

Hair Extensions

If you would like to have carte blanche with hair styling, human hair extensions give you the ideal foundation. Carefully selected strands can be woven into your existing hair, and once the attachment stage is complete, the stylist can get to work. If you would like to have the option of long or short, clip-on hair extensions are the answer, and this will definitely turn a few heads as you switch from long to short, and back to long for that beach party. If, for example, you are searching for suitable hair salons in Perth, there is one well-known chain that specialises in human hair extensions, among many other treatments.

Mix and Match Garments

Some shrewd shopping will give you much more scope, with business suits that are interchangeable, and a range of formal blouses that are soft, pastel shades that basically go with anything. You would need to spend a few hours looking at online images, which will give you some inspiration, and it might be an idea to check out the second hand clothing stores, as you might find something ideal for next to nothing. Sports apparel can be very affordable with online wholesalers, and whenever you shop for clothing or accessories, think about how that garment can be used in different ways.

Personal Stylist

Ideally, the busy woman should have her own stylist, who would likely work at a downtown salon, and after a few successful visits, you can forge a more permanent working relationship. Imagine you have to attend a gala dinner at the weekend, and you fancy the long haired look that goes with the flowing dress you have chosen, all you need to do is find a suitable image online and send it to your hair stylist a few days prior to the appointment, and she will have time to think about some possible styles. If you have a professional who can turn your concept into reality, then you can be sure to look stunning whenever the need arises, and with many social functions to attend, your stylist will be a valuable asset.

Change your Look Frequently

This is essential if you want others to see you as a woman who is in touch with fashion, and with clip on hair extensions, that smart, short cut can be instantly transformed into something a bit more dreamy and subtle, and once the extensions are in place, they look and feel like your very own hair, and can be washed and conditioned as such.

There are many things a fashion conscious woman can do to maintain a high level of interest, and with the help of a good hair salon and make-up artist, she will be ready for any situation, certain of turning a few heads everytime.

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