Super Speciality Hospital Apollo Indraprastha For Best Medical Treatment

Super Speciality Hospital Apollo Indraprastha For Best Medical Treatment

Apollo is the largest healthcare chain in India. It adds to the number of specialty hospitals that the people of India and Delhi in particular can make use when they fall ill. Indraprastha is the third super specialty tertiary care centre established by the group along with the government of Delhi.

Indraprastha hospital Delhi

The Apollo Indraprastha hospital is the largest hospital in Delhi, established in 1995. Recently, the Joint Commission International (JCI) USA accredited the hospital. It became the first JCI accredited hospital in India and South Asia. This hospital has 695 beds and plan to expand the capacity to 1000 beds in the coming future. In 2011, they got re-accredited by the JCI for the fourth time. This made them the first hospital to get this honour. The hospital is spread over 15 acres and has a built-up area of 600,000 square feet.

MICS CABG procedure

Among the various treatments and procedures, they offer the minimally invasive cardiac surgery is the most sought after one. Conventional CABG or coronary bypass surgery is performed by cutting through the breast bone or sternum. The MICAS or minimally invasive cardiac surgery is a complete and safe operation that has changed the outlook on coronary surgery. It is a relatively new technique but the technology is so advanced that the operation is entirely safe.

Method of the procedure

The heart is approached from the left chest through a 4-cm incision. The cut is placed just under the nipple. They enter the chest without cutting any ribs or bones by splitting the muscle. As in the case of all other heart surgeries, here also they use a combination of veins and arteries from the leg.  The arteries in the leg is removed endoscopically so that the skin over the leg remains intact.

Advantages of MICS CABG

So, when we compare the traditional method to MICS CABG we see these things:

No bones are cut in MICS CABG. This reduces the pain and has a positive effect on breathing. In traditional heart surgery, the patient has to be in bed for some time. Here the patient can return almost immediately to work and normal activity. You can do this procedure in any of the Apollo hospitals Delhi since all of them are speciality hospitals.

Next, we see the blood loss is minimal if any and this has two good points. One is that there is no need for blood transfusion. The second is that chances of blood infections are reduced. In the same way, all infections whether during or after surgery are reduced due to the small size of the incision. When treating older patients who have more chances of developing infection or in the case of diabetics, this procedure gives a better way to avoid infections.

The incision is small that is barely noticeable. One will not know that a heart operation has taken place. The entire procedure lasts only 4 days compared to the 9 days needed for conventional heart surgery. All this adds up to a shorter hospital stay and quicker recovery times. Naturally, the bills will become smaller making this more affordable than the conventional procedure.

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