How To Take Care Of Your Skin After A Workout

For most people, living an active lifestyle and maintaining beautiful skin sounds like an impossibility. Breaking a good sweat while avoiding a breakout may sound difficult at first, but if you follow these simple steps, you’ll be able to work out without wearing your skin out.

Wash your face

This may sound obvious, but most people overlook the intricacies that go into washing your face after intense physical activity. Your pores open up whenever you work out, releasing both sweat and any clogged up grime and dirt. The problem is that they stay open for quite a while if you don’t do anything about it, leaving room for just as much dirt to come back in. Right after your workout, head to a sink and rinse your face with tepid to cool water. Apply a mild cleanser afterwards, but make sure to use organic & natural beauty products to avoid exposing your especially vulnerable skin to any harsh chemicals that most inorganic products contain.

Pat, pat, pat

After washing, it only makes sense to immediately wipe your face with a fresh towel to get dry yourself off, but resist the urge! As we’ve previously mentioned, your skin is very vulnerable and sensitive after a workout, so wiping may irritate your skin. Instead, pat your face lightly with a towel to dry off. You don’t need to dry it completely, and it’s advisable to leave just a bit of moisture to air-dry so that your skin doesn’t feel overly dry or tight afterwards.


Just like your muscles, your skin needs a bit of toning in order to achieve its full potential. There are a plethora of organic skin care products that you can use to give your skin the care it deserves. We suggest using either a mild toner, or a moisturizing spray to revitalize your face and make any signs of your workout disappear. Afterwards, grab an ice cube and rub it gently across your face to close your pore.

Cleaning up

Hop into a shower as soon as you can to clean up the rest of your body. The same rules apply: use cool water to calm your skin down and help close your pores, avoid scrubbing, and try to use mild organic soaps. Pat yourself dry, and apply a moisturizer to refresh the rest of your skin. Try not to apply any cologne or perfume until after you’ve completely cooled down to prevent any of the chemicals found in those products from entering your pores.

Some If’s

  • If you’ll be exposing yourself to direct sunlight afterwards, put on a natural sunscreen to avoid any damage.
  • If you’re using any strong anti-aging or anti-acne products, withhold application until later in the day for the same reason you want to avoid scrubbing
  • If running water isn’t available, you can use cleansing facial wipes, again preferably organic.

These steps may seem tedious at first, but they go a long way in maintaining your skin’s health. Be mindful of the things you put on your face and body after a workout, and you’ll maintain the healthy glow that your skin rightfully deserves.

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