When We Should Take A Pregnancy Test

When We Should Take A Pregnancy Test

Are you waiting for some special symptoms of good news which we called pregnancy? If yes then you are on the way of some physical or mental changes in your body which tells you the entire story about that yet you have conceived of not. Pregnancy is dream of many women after marriage. A child completes women properly, and then she can know and feel the feeling of being mother. There are numbers of kits available in the market through you can test your pregnancy at home but still many women remains in doubt about that when they should do pregnancy test. Here we are mentioning some of early symptoms which can be the indications of pregnancy:

  1. If you have missed your period

This is the most common and important sign which force you for pregnancy test. Women have Menstruation cycle of 25-28 days. But sometime you can miss your period cause of stress, any disease or any reason. Be attentive for your urine different color, but if you got positive pregnancy report and still you bleeding then consult your doctor.

  1. If you feel Nausea and Dizziness

This is also the major sign of early pregnancy. If you are a healthy woman but suddenly you are feeling nausea in early morning or dizziness then you must take a pregnancy test for that.

  1. Food Aversions

If you are pregnant then there are certain foods which can affect your mind like weird smell of that food like garlic or onion or coffee. It may be possible that before pregnancy you liked these foods, but after pregnancy you can hate it, opposite that if you hate any food before pregnancy then suddenly you will start liking them. It causes the increasing of Estrogen hormone in your body, which effects on your habits. 

  1. Frequent Urination

Frequent urination is an early sign of being pregnant, because hormonal changes causes increase the flow of blood in the body, and fill your bladder more quickly and you feel urge for urination faster and again and again. Also the other reason is your baby is developing in your womb, which stresses on uterus and pressure on bladder, that’s why you need to pee more often. But it is not the exact reason which announces pregnancy. So you must do pregnancy test.

  1. When your precaution fails

Precaution like condoms or birth control pills does not protect you 100% from pregnancy, it can also fail, like condom can tear or break and many of women forget the day of taking birth control pills. So it would be better to do pregnancy test for surety. Don’t do hurry for your test because if you done so then you can get false result.

Pregnancy test is important for surety for women. So make sure that test your first morning bathroom because it has the more HCG hormone level which is necessary for accurate report of pregnancy. But after pregnancy test still you are in doubt then consult your doctor for consultation.

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