Tips To Increase Breast Milk Naturally

Tips To Increase Breast Milk Naturally

There are many breastfeeding mothers who may find that they are not able to generate sufficient breast milk to feed their baby. This is indeed a genuine cause of concern, since babies do require breast milk in sufficient quantity. There are very few women, who may face such a situation. But there is no need to worry about it.

How to Increase Breast Milk Supply Naturally – What is to be done?

It could be that the baby has been showing signs of not getting sufficient milk and is still left hungry and unsatisfied. He/she may not be wetting every day a good number of diapers as required or is growing slowly that what is natural. In such a case, the qualified pediatrician is to be immediately consulted upon. They can help to check if the issues are valid, while offer the right and effective solutions to take care of the problems.

How to Increase Breast Milk Production – Some important things to know

Breast milk supply entirely relies upon the rules of demand and supply. Milk supply is likely to be adjusted towards matching the demand from the baby. As more milk is consumed by the baby from the breasts, the production rate gets adjusted and more is produced within few days. As the baby consumes less milk from the breast, production rate goes down.

Hence, an excellent way cited by the medical fraternity is to have the existing milk supply increased, so as to increase demand for the same. Frequent nursing is important. The baby is to use both the breasts during feeding time. Also, the breasts are to be switched between every 2-3 times per feeding. The feedings are to be completed by the baby. Usually, the little one is likely to fall asleep or get detached from the breasts on their own, if they had sufficient consumption.

Things to consider

The baby is to be ensured that he/she latches on correctly. Although the baby may suck milk from the breast, it may not be carried out efficiently as desired. In case, correct latching is not made by the baby, then sucking might be there, but less milk will be removed. This means that the supply is likely to go down, due to low milk being taken out.

A pacifier or bottle is not to be offered to the baby, to ensure more sucking activity is performed. This can help in the demand and supply process. It is from a bottle that baby nurse from or simply sucks the pacifier differently, when compared to that of the breast. This means, using any of them is likely to interfere with the ability of the baby to latch onto the breast and nurse it properly.

It is the duty of the mother to take proper of herself, to relax and rest completely, to consume quality, balanced diet as well have sufficient water regularly.  There are also available herbal products, medications and products, which can help increase the milk supply. Herbs like blessed thistle, alfalfa, oatmeal and fenugreek are used for centuries and can help increase milk supply.

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