Understanding The Various Breast Augmentation Options Available

Understanding The Various Breast Augmentation Options Available

Breast implants have become popular particularly in Europe and North America as people seek for alternatives to tweak their body shapes. That said, the decision to have breast augmentation opens up several options to be considered depending on the size, implant type, and implant placement. A majority of women seeking cosmetic surgery Paris operations are fairly knowledgeable, but some may be moved more by the end result than the process itself.

When it comes to breast augmentation, the first decision you have to make as the client is size. Most small frame women tend to go for implants that are larger than their current size, but within the allowable limits of their frame. For fit women, large breasts are often considered an impediment and to some extent make their bodies look less trim.

On the type of implant which is the second decision in priority after size, you need to look at the end result you want as well as the pricing of the implant option. There are different types of implants which you should know so that your decision can be an informed one.


This is a basic implant and largely inexpensive. Saline is simply salt water. One advantage with this type of cosmetic surgery is that it is safe to the body. This is because the body system has fluids which also have some degree of salinity hence get along well with the implant. Medical experts, however, point to the fact that saline implants may leak and this causes them to lose their volume and flatten out.


This is one of the most common types of breast implants. Just like the saline implant, silicone gel is safer and feels natural when inserted. However, when it comes to cost, silicone gel breast implants tend to be costlier than saline.

Cohesive Gel

Alternatively referred to as Gummy Bear implant, cohesive gel is a relatively new prosthesis and currently it is undergoing FDA testing before approval. It resembles silicone in structure, but compared to the traditional silicone implant, it is much thicker. As you would expect, the cost of a cohesive gel breast implant is way higher than silicone.

Fat Transfer

Fat is usually removed through the process of liposuction. It is then processed and reinjected into your breast area giving you a rather natural and implant-free option. However appealing fat transfer may be, it is reserved for small implants and repair of small defects. Because of the complexity of the procedure, fat transfer is the most expensive of all the breast implant options.

In addition to the above deliberations, you must finally decide where the implant will be placed. The two options are; below the chest muscle and above it. The problem with an implant placement above the chest muscle is that it may be noticeable to keen observers. That said, this kind of placement gives you a quick recovery and the whole process is less painful because there isn’t much muscle involvement. On the other hand, placement under the muscle gives you better camouflage and also lowers the risk of capsular contracture. For you to get the most out of your breast implant, have a discussion with your doctor and explain what you exactly are looking for.

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