Why Is FUT A First Selection And Recommended By The Surgeon

Why Is FUT A First Selection And Recommended By The Surgeon

Nowadays FUT hair transplant procedure completely changed their definition due to the invention of advanced Trichophytic closure and the expert Surgeons of hair transplant in India improvise it with the advanced method of the hair restoration without having any kind of pain, scars or discomfort.

The scientifically proven methods of the hair restoration are the FUT (Follicular unit transplant) and the FUE (Follicular unit extraction) are widely accepted in the field of hair restoration. Previously it has assumed and seen that FUT hair transplant is a painful and a scar leaving technique as the method involves the strip harvesting. In the process of strip harvesting Surgeon, excise the donor portion by the use of a simple incision that may leave pain and scars. However, with the invention of modern technology and equipment now it is possible to excise the donor portion without having any pain, scarring and discomfort. Thankfully, with the invention of Trichophytic closure that made the incision step very common without and unwanted effect and side effect.

What is the FUT hair Transplant

The FUT hair transplant is an acronym of the follicular unit transplant involves the excision of the strip of the skin from the donor portion, usually the back and sides of the scalp containing the follicular units/grafts.

The FUT hair transplant procedures are counted as the most acceptable and a relevant one because it is the single method that recommended by the Surgeon in the case of a greater grade of baldness and for fulfilling the desired density with a number of grafts. The FUT is a method that meets the goal of the aesthetic hair transplant procedure and that is why widely chosen by the ethical Surgeon/Doctor.

Importance of FUT Hair Transplant

Uses Safe Donor Area

The FUT hair transplant only uses the safe donor portion for harvesting the grafts that assure us about the long lasting results of the transplant. As it has been cleared, that the hair roots of the back and side’s portion of the scalp are DHT –resistant and does not show the characteristics of falling or shedding out. These hair roots are destined to remain permanent and if these roots are taken for the transplantation, they never lose the characteristics of their sustainability and that is why an expert Surgeon always tries to choose the option for FUT hair transplant in most of the NW class of baldness.

Right for Higher grade of NW Class of Baldness

If the patient has a higher grade of NW class of baldness, the technique mostly recommended by the Surgeon is the FUT hair transplant as the technique has the capability of offering the greatest number of grafts/follicular units via the strip of the skin. The strip makes the possibility of harvesting the many numbers of hair roots with higher chances of sustainability of the grafts. The FUT hair transplant is a genuine selection to cover the bigger grade of baldness, whereas, in the FUE procedure, the extraction is performed by the users of punching machines that extract the grafts, one-by-one that is a time consuming and not a wise decision for the bigger NW class of baldness.

A Scarless and Painless with Trichophytic Closure and Anaesthesia

With the advancement of modern Trichophytic closure, now it is possible to close the wounded portion in such a way the edges of one flap overlap the other, thus reducing the repulsive scars on the suture areas. The Trichophytic closure allows the growth of hair roots on the scar zone and there is a minimal sign of the suturing that is taken as the positive aspect in order to close the zone and have a great contribution in the FUT hair transplant surgery. The second thing is to make the procedure without pain and that is now being possible by the application of local anaesthesia. Some good and recognized Surgeon of the hair restoration uses the special cocktail to keep the effect of the local anaesthesia until 24 hours and help in the procedure in a very effective manner.

On the whole, we can say that the FUT hair transplant is the most relevant option if there is need of a number of grafts to achieve the greater density and fulfilling the need of the aesthetic hair transplant surgery. It is recommended in almost all cases of the baldness if the person has the good donor supply as according to the need of the NW class and desired density to look natural.

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