5 Golden Keys To Help You In Weight Loss And Staying Fit

5 Golden Keys To Help You In Weight Loss And Staying Fit

Are you feeling less confident publicly just because of fatty look? Do you feel embarrassment while your crush passes from you because you are not in shape? Mostly, all the teenage girls and boys are suffering from the same problem. Although, most of them are attention seeker, especially at the age between 16 to 20. And what’s wrong in that! Everyone loves to be loved.

Due to irregular life style and heavy junk foods, many people have to survive obesity. If you are also one of them who seeks for slim & trim figure then this article is the best place to solve your weight problems and boost up your confidence level. For more information you should visit different sites where they provide nutrisystem coupon codes so that you can have good discounts and offers. But you should not miss this guide that offers you golden keys to lose your weight easily.

Don’t rely on exercise: According to the experts, exercise is not the only thing you should do to lose weight. Exercise needs to be combined with diet. People lose their weight whether they exercise, cut calories, or both of them. But those who did these both, are cutting their daily calories by 10 percent while sticking on an exercise plan, doubled their insulin sensitivity which may give a metabolic indicator of long-term weight-loss success. People who start diet and exercise at the same time are also more likely to be following both of them, according to a study.

Exercise intensely: A research suggests, people who have done high intensity travel training (HIIT), alternating 20 seconds of maximum effort followed by 40 seconds of rest for 30 minutes, can easily burn three to four more calories per minute than those people who performed sweat-shedding exercise such as cycling, resistance training or running. There is evidence that your body starts to burn fat as a fuel as you become fitter. The researchers found that people with a high aerobic capacity continued to burn fat at a higher rate before workout than people with a low aerobic capacity.

Track your workout progress: Scientifically, people overestimate how much and how hard they choose to exercise. Science agrees that people misguided their calorie burn during vigorous exercise by more than 72 percent. So it is recommended to you to keep track of your workout duration, intensity of exercise and caloric burn to see if you are on your way or not. If you are on successful track, then it will inspire you to stick to it. And if you are not, then you will need to know where you have to dial it up.

Keep a food journal: You should pay high attention to your diet by keeping a food log. In a study, people who recorded each & everything they ate every week for a year may lost 3.7 percent more weight than those people who didn’t. Then, weigh yourself regularly to ensure you’re meeting your actual goals. According to journal of obesity, people who weighed themselves daily can loss 4.6 more pounds after a year than those who rarely stepped on the scale.

Drink more water: Thirst and hunger both are registered by the hypothalamus which often gets its signals crossed and sometimes when you feel hungry then you are really thirsty. Same way, filling your stomach with water can help you tamp down feeling of hunger. Study says, people who drank 12 ounces of water before a meal lost more weight after three months than those who did not. Thus, drink more n more water!

At last, follow these magical keys that keep you in shape without much efforts. Stay healthy & beautiful!

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