How Does 21 Day Fix Work With Shakeology?

How Does 21 Day Fix Work With Shakeology?

The 21 Day Fix program not only focuses on the exercise plan, but it involves a nutrition plan as well. So, anyone looking to lose weight and to remain fit should follow it for sure. It should be remembered that 72 percent of the results are dependent on the diet that is consumed. The diet does not only has to constitute vegetables, but it should have such foods that are healthy and will motivate you to work out further.

Beachbody has come with a 21 day fix program that comprises of color-coded container system to organize your diet plan. The set of containers are in different colors and sizes. They colors refer to the type of food, while the sizes show the amount of food that has to be eaten. This will relieve of weighing or measuring everything each day. You just have to pick the right food, fill each container and should be informed about the suggested amount for your target calories.

Target Calories

Given below is the list of sizes and color coded containers for your program.

  • One green container where green refers to vegetables.
  • One purple container where purple refers to fruits.
  • One yellow container where yellow refers to carbohydrates.
  • One red container where red refers to proteins.
  • One blue container where blue refers to healthy fats and cheeses.
  • Two orange containers where orange refers to seeds and dressings.

There is one Shakeology cup that is used for mixing drinks. Each container has to be filled with the corresponding kind of food.

You buy the 21 Day Fix Containers kit from Amazon and the best ones are those made available by Beachbody. These containers have the exact measurements as defined by the diet plan. It will be better if you buy Beachbody’s Portion Fix that includes color-coded containers, Shaker up and the Guide for eating the Portion Fix.

For the meal plan, it is always best to choose the seasonal vegetables and fruits that have been produced locally. The local products are normally healthier and the seasonal fruits with vegetables will be cheap to buy as well.

How much does Shakeology cost

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you have probably heard of Beachbody’s Shakeology. Shakeology is a health drink, or as the company claims, a meal replacement drink filled with essential nutrients. It can be used in many ways such as a pre/post workout supplement, as an energy booster and even as an ingredient for many desserts.

As with any product, Shakeology too has its share of fans and critics. While the fans justify the price of the drink package, critics claim that the price is exorbitant.  Read on and decide for yourself if Shakeology is for you in terms of price.

You probably use a number of nutrition supplements to gain or lose weight or aid your workout. Some of the popular supplements are Optimum Nutrition, Core Omega 3 etc. Shakeology is also on the list for many.

The price

The price for Shakeology is $129.95 per month. You can opt for a 30 servings pack (bulk bag) or 24 individual packets in a box. This is the price in the United States. In Canada, both the packs are priced at CAD 155.95.

It also comes with 2 order types – one time order and monthly auto-ship.

With the one time order type, a consumer has to pay an additional shipping charge of $10-$14 depending on the location. With the second order type, Shakeology will automatically be billed and shipped to you, giving you a discount on the shipping costs.

Shakeology comes in a variety of flavours such as Café Latte, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate and all cost the same for each pack. You can also order combo packets such as Barista Combo Packet (Café Latte + Chocolate + Vanilla) or opt for Monthly Alternating Bags of different flavours at no extra cost.

At $129.95 per month, the equation is essentially $4.33 daily if you drink for 30 days.

The worth

Is Shakeology worth paying $4.33 per day?

Consider a breakfast meal at McDonalds. Let’s say you ordered a Sausage McMuffin, a Hash Brown and a medium Roast Coffee. That totals up to around $5-$6 + taxes. In this comparison, Shakeology comes out on top as a better option. Plus, as Shakeology is health drink, it has better ingredients and lesser calories per serving (a full serving of Shakeology has about 160 calories while a Sausage McMuffin alone has about 280 calories). Even if your breakfast costs than $4.33, the health benefit of Shakeology can weigh in as a factor.

On the other hand a five pound pack of Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein costs about $85. It comes with 75 servings and a variety of flavours too. But one thing to consider is that Shakeology is a blend of different ingredients that provide carbs, proteins, sugar, caffeine etc. while ingredients supplements such as Optimum are more specific. The whey protein powder by Optimum Nutrition (ON) contains protein isolates and provides almost negligible carbs and sugar. What this means, is that Shakeology can be an all-round drink while ON can be used for specific intake.


If you plan to drink Shakeology for a long term, you can get a 25% discount. But there is a catch. You need to become a Beachbody coach to avail the discount. There is an additional cost associated to become a coach as well. It is a $39.95 flat fee to start and $15.95 per month to continue.

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