It ‘s Summer: Tips for Keeping Fit and Healthy Without Stressing Out

It ‘s Summer: Tips for Keeping Fit and Healthy Without Stressing Out

On June 21, the first day of summer. A season that was made a long time to wait for a few days and that has exploded with temperatures throughout Italy exceeded thirty degrees.

And it has come, for millions of Italians, the time to go on a diet. But watch out for last minute diets, which may turn out to be useless and even dangerous to your health. So here are the tips of the Italian gastroenterologists and endoscopists Hospital to take care of your stomach and your body in the summer.

No to crash diets in an attempt to lose weight in a hurry: it is essential to follow a balanced diet and nutritious, rich in all essential nutrients. It is important to limit fats because fat pushes the body to produce heat better flavor dishes with extra virgin olive oil made raw.

Drink more water than usual, limiting the consumption of sugary drinks. Water is the best moisturizer that exists and makes it more beautiful skin, combats water retention and cellulite, improves mood because dehydration can cause failure even at the neurological level. So drink often and so much, and limit your consumption of coffee and alcohol.

Do not get never miss the fruit, but also smoothies, centrifuged, salads. And munch on every day 3 or 4 nuts that provide the right amount of omega 3 and omega 6, which play a powerful antioxidant. In any case, remember that the fruit is rich in sugars, so even in this case it is important not to overdo it: people who are overweight or suffer from fatty liver should not take more than 400 grams, or 700 grams of watermelon a day.

Exploit the opportunities the summer to do outdoor physical activity 3-5 times a week: cycling, walking, swimming for 30-60 minutes is perfect.

Attention to the preparation of food: in summer the risk of food contamination and infection increases, so it is important to properly store food and have a special care of hygiene when handling and preparing food.

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