How Martial Arts Help In Your Child’s Physical And Mental Growth And Development

How Martial Arts Help In Your Child’s Physical And Mental Growth And Development

In today’s world, children have to be expert in everything that they do. And for that remaining physically and emotionally fit is the prerequisite. Parents try various means for improving the physical and mental health of their kids. One of the best ways in which both these aspects can be fulfilled is via martial art forms. The general health of the child is improved with physical aspects of the exercises, while self-esteem, self-confidence and emotional well being are also guaranteed with these martial art forms.

Mentioned below are some ways in which martial arts can be beneficial for your kid:

  • Helps in maintaining balance and posture – With martial arts, it is possible to improve balance and posture in a great manner. Basically when kids in age group 3-6 years are taught martial arts, this aspect is overlooked. But until and unless the child develops proper posture and balance, no exercise will bring the desired benefits. Poor posture might lead to innumerable health problems and ailments. Age-appropriate drills and exercises should be done for right posture and balance in kids.
  • Improves focus, concentration and listening span – Many kids suffer from very low attention spans and this hampers their studies and other activities. With martial arts, the attention span in kids is improved significantly. The child is taught to focus on a thing or a task and as a result, his reaction skills and listening capabilities get better. And when these aspects get better, there is no reason why the child will not be successful in life.
  • Develops sense of personal safety and stranger awareness – Martial arts are not only for physical fitness and well being. These art forms also teach children about personal safety techniques and stranger awareness. When a kid is really young, say 3-4 years, he will not understand all these things. But if he is instructed in the right manner, he will follow the same all throughout his life. As soon as he meets a stranger, he will develop sixth sense regarding the same and do as needed.
  • Better motor skills and coordination – One of the greatest benefits of martial arts exercises is that the kid develops excellent motor skills and coordination. Every human being is born with these traits, but the exercises improve them significantly. General health, physical coordination, sports performance etc are highly developed with the martial art training programs. More importantly, the body remains less susceptible to injuries. Children also get to know about their body better and know how to use the same correctly as and when needed.
  • Betters self-control and self-discipline – Self-discipline and self-control are improved greatly with the help of martial art exercises. The training that is imparted helps in accomplishing any given task in the best manner with the given frame of time and this is what self discipline is all about. The child is taught to do the right things in the right way. Along with self control and self discipline, a sense of responsibility also develops in the child.
  • Improves retention power and memory – Many people think that martial arts are only special techniques of self-defense using martial arts swords or other equipments and accessories. But it is not so. These art forms are also great platforms for improving memory and retention power. Children are taught to remember essential information and retain the same in their memory. Various kinds of skills are developed which improve memory and retention power.
  • Improves self defense – With increasing threats of attacks from all sides, knowing about self-defense techniques is very important. And martial arts teach just that. There are different kinds of martial arts exercises. While some need accessories like swords and sticks; some of them can be done without these too. Learning martial arts with accessories needs special training. Infact it is possible to buy swords or purchase sword DVD and practice self defense techniques at home. However, first the self defense techniques should be practiced under guided supervision.

With so many benefits on hand, enroll your child to a proper martial art class and make him/her mentally as well as physically strong and sound.

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