What Is A Paediatric Dentist And What Exactly Does He Or She Do?

What Is A Paediatric Dentist And What Exactly Does He Or She Do?

Someone who happens to be a paediatric dentist is a dentist who specialises in the providing of dental care for children and young adults. A number of paediatric dentists will provide their most professional service to children as young as one year old and up to the age of 21.

Those dentists who have chosen to work with children also go on to educate them about the correct method for taking care of their teeth and gums. These dentists are also uniquely trained to diagnose and care for a broad range of disease and conditions which can affect the mouth, teeth and gums. In the majority of cases, paediatric dentists have a love for children and are of a very patient disposition, as or many young children, a trip to the dentist can be a scary event.

Most Common Tasks

  • Certainly one of the major reasons parents book an appointment for a paediatric dentist in Singapore and take their children to a paediatric dentist, is for dental cleanings, and this is usually one of the more common tasks carried out daily by this kind of dentist.
  • After a teeth cleaning, a dentist will go on to explain to the child the correct way to keep his or her teeth and tongue clean and tell them about the importance of eating non sugary foods and drink.
  • Along with brushing, the dental professional might also offer instruction on the proper method for flossing teeth. Usually, a paediatric dentist advises children on the frequency in which their teeth should be brushed to keep them nice and healthy, and the best types of toothbrushes to use.

X Rays and Cavities

  • A paediatric dentist may order an x ray as a diagnostic test for a child’s overall view of his or her teeth.
  • X-rays are also utilised for analysing the good condition of children’s teeth and gums.
  • Dental x-rays can also account for how many teeth a child has, plus their alignment.
  • The results of the x ray can help to decide whether or not a child is in need of braces to correct a misalignment.

Quite often, the paediatric dentist will be spendingquite a bit of time carrying out an array of dental activities. For example:

  • Should a child have any cavities, the dentist will fill in the cavities.
  • If a severely decayed tooth is discovered, the dentist may remove the tooth and will involve extracting a tooth from the gum.
  • A dentist will also teach preventive methods to parents and children to make sure that problems such as cavities don’t happen.

Professionals at Their Job

Requirements to become a paediatric dentist will vary from country to country, but in most cases, any potential dentist will need to acquire an undergraduate degree and entry into a school of dentistry. Nearly all paediatric dentists must complete additional years of studying and training in the specialised field paediatric dentistry.

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