Why Testosterone Replacement Therapy Is Right For Men Suffering From Chronic Symptoms?

Why Testosterone Replacement Therapy Is Right For Men Suffering From Chronic Symptoms?

There are men in the world who suffer from testosterone deficiency. The testosterone level lowers especially when they grow old. Since, with aging the testosterone level decline and gives rise to a number of symptoms.

Testosterone is a hormone produced in the male body and is responsible for producing male sexual characteristics. It is also important to have in every men as it helps to maintain the muscle mass, the level of red blood cells, leads to healthy bone growth, ensures a sense of  healthy living and make sure that men does not suffer from erectile dysfunction. That is what the testosterone has to do in a male body.

This sex hormone in men circulates in the bloodstream can cause a number of symptoms when it lowers –

  • It reduces the energy to do work
  • It decreases the libido
  • It leads to erectile dysfunction
  • Men suffers from reduced muscle mass
  • It decreases the ability to exercise
  • It reduces the cognitive function
  • Leads to depression and frequent mood change
  • Men suffering from testosterone deficiencymight suffer from mild anemia and osteoporosis

If diagnosed with testosterone deficiency then based on the report and referring your urologist, you must opt for a Testosterone replacement therapy in London.

What are the general causes for men to have low testosterone?

As the men grow old, the amount of testosterone in their body gradually declines. Well, this is a natural phenomenon. After the age of 30 the process began and continues throughout their life. Some of the general causes that leads to this reduction are –

  • Injury and infection leads to the loss of testicles
  • Chemotherapy in some cases if they are suffering from cancer
  • May be they are suffering from some genetic abnormalities
  • If any man is having too much of iron content in their body
  • If they are suffering from any dysfunction in the pituitary gland. A gland in the brain that is responsible to produce hormones.
  • Some typesof inflammatory diseases such as sarcoidosis that causes inflammation in lungs.
  • Medication that you might use to treat diseases like prostate cancer
  • Prolong illness
  • Failure in kidney function
  • Cirrhosis of liver is also responsible to lower testosterone

What is a Testosterone replacement therapy?

Testosterone replacement therapy leads to the rise in count of hormone in the bloodstream and it is carried out in a number of ways –

  1. With the application of testosterone gel

When you apply this gel on the shoulders, upper region of the arms, thighs, underarm or other regions, this will allow you with testosterone replacement for men.

  1. You can inject an intramuscular injection

To have a testosterone replacement therapy you can also choose a shortly effective dose of testosterone, which you need to inject for every one or two weeks. With a long dose of hormone in the case of chronic symptoms requires an injection every ten weeks.

  1. You can treat testosterone deficiency with sub-dermal pellets

The small pellets contain testosterone, which often inserted below the skin, provides a gradual release of testosterone into the body over a long time. This is a ten-minute procedure done using local anesthesia for a period of every four to six months.

  1. You can choose a testosterone skin patch

This patch contains the hormone that is applied to the scrotum or any other body partsand delivers a fixed level of testosterone for next 24 hours.

If you choose Testosterone replacement therapy in London, will check your report and then they will undergo a rigorous consultation to help you choose the best remedy. Testosterone replacement for men is at times complex, but the therapy is safe and done under the expert guidance of an experienced physician.

With testosterone replacement for men, they will be able to have increased growth in prostate. Men diagnosed with prostate cancer are at risk so they should go through an evaluation by the urologists and must determine whether they need to go TRT. However, before you enroll in a program to Testosterone replacement therapy in London you will undergo a thorough exam and do a PSA test to become sure that you are not having a threat ofprostate cancer and then the therapy session will begin.

Every man might react differently when we talk about testosterone replacement therapy since the symptoms and improvement vary from men to men. So stay under the guidance of a urologist and helps to monitor benefits to have a good health. It is better to have prevention if not a fast cure.

You need to look for an evident care so that you do not suffer from a disorder and move away from a normal lifestyle. It is better to contact Testosterone replacement therapy in London who will help you to determine what will work best for such kind of dysfunction.

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