Top 9 Online Health Science Degree Programs I Can Take

Top 9 Online Health Science Degree Programs I Can Take

Many different academic disciplines come under the umbrella of health science. Health science covers everything from addiction treatment to veterinary medicine. Therefore, it is necessary to first decide what area of health science interests you, and then look at the choices you have for getting a degree within that area. 

If you are looking specifically for online courses, you will need to focus on health science disciplines that do not require practical training. That would exclude you from becoming a doctor or nurse, for example, as both of these disciplines combine practical training with education.

These are 9 of the most popular choices.


  1. Medical billing and coding

People who attend clinics, hospitals and other treatment centers often have health insurance which covers them for all or part of the cost of treatment. To streamline processing, medical insurers have drawn up a coding system for procedures, and administering the billing function requires people who know these codes. Online medical billing and coding courses are available.

  1. Health management

Healthcare providers need well-trained administrators to manage all aspects of the business. Medical facilities need people to manage patient administration, order supplies, manage accounts etc., and to supervise the day-to-day running of the facility.

  1. Public health management

Online courses prepare people to work in areas dealing specifically with public health.

  1. Nutrition

Good nutrition is important for good health, and more and more people seek advice on this vital topic. Nutritionists are employed in many different environments.

  1. Pharmaceutical management

Management functions in pharmacies include auditing, checking for compliance, and managing stock and deliveries.

  1. Alternative medicine

Alternative medicine is growing in popularity. It covers a wide range of topics, and is generally unregulated. That means people can take online courses to learn how to do things like massage therapy, aromatherapy, and so on.

  1. Fitness coach

People who learn basic physiology and ways to stay healthy are in great demand. This is another topic that is ideally suited for online tuition.

  1. Laboratory assistant

It is possible to train as a laboratory assistant using online courses, but it will also be necessary to obtain practical experience.

  1. Medical secretary

There are online courses available to teach people secretarial skills within a specific medical discipline.

There are many more options for people who want to get involved in healthcare. Online and on-campus courses are available from education providers like the Allen School, based in Phoenix, AZ. Contact them for more information.

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